Dan's 2016 Props & Measures voting recommendations


Dan’s Voting Recommendations on State Propositions and Local Ballot Measures:


CA State Propositions

51 – Leaning YesSchools construction Bond.

52 – Leaning YesHospital fee for Medi-Cal.

53 – No  www.noprop53.com/get-the-facts – Would require voter approval for revenue bonds.

54 – no recommendation www.YesProp54.org \ www.NoOnProposition54.com

55 – YES  http://www.protectingcalifornia.com/about - Extension of income tax rate for upper income residents, with funds earmarked for public education and healthcare.   

56 – Yes  www.yeson56.org/the-facts/ - $2.00 per pack increase in Tobacco tax for tobacco use prevention, research and related health care. 

57 – YES  www.vote4prop57.com/about - Criminal justice sentencing and parole reform; would also reduce number of juveniles prosecuted in adult court.

58 – Yes  www.supportprop58.com/about - Lifts the outright ban on bilingual education.

59 – YES  www.commoncause.org/states/california/issues/money-in-politics/overturn-citizens-united/prop-59/

60 – Yes  www.voteyesprop60.com/facts/ - Requires use of condoms in adult films.

61 – Yes  http://yeson61.com - Sets cap on prescription drug prices in CA. 

62 – YES  http://yeson62.com/about-yes-on-62/ - Ends death penalty

63 – YES  http://safetyforall.com/learn-more/ - Smart gun safety and ammunition control

64 – Yes  www.yeson64.org - Legalization of Marijuana for adults. 

65 – No  www.noonproposition65.com - Carryout bag charges – distraction from Prop. 67

66 – NO  https://nooncaprop66.org/66-reasons/ - Unrealistically speeds up death penalty.

67 – YES  www.cayeson67.com/learn-more/why-yes-on-67 - Preserves plastic bag ban.


Local Ballot Measures (Oakland & Alameda County):   ALL of these nine local/regional measures PASSED!

A1YES – Alameda County Affordable Housing bond – Important funding source to facilitate low and moderate income housing.  www.affordablealameda.com/whymeasurea1

G1 – YES – OUSD Parcel Tax for teacher retention, middle school educational programs, etc.  http://supportoaklandteachers.com/faqs/

HH – YES – Oakland's Sugar-sweetened beverage (soda) 1¢/ounce tax – Don’t believe the soda industry's propaganda. I trust public health professionals on this one. And it’s already working well in Berkeley. Vote Yes.   www.oaklandvsbigsoda.com

 II – YES – Authorizes 99-year leases of city-owned properties instead of the current 66 years maximum. Provides more flexibility to craft deal instead of selling off land.

JJ – YES – Improves protections for renters in Oakland.  www.protectoaklandrenters.org

KK – YES – City Infrastructure Bond – $600,000,000 general obligation bond to repave our streets, fund pedestrian safety improvements, rehab fire stations, libraries, and rec centers, make seismic improvements, provide for affordable housing, and more.  www.yesonkkforoakland.com

LLYES – Oakland Police Commission – I’m proud to be one of the authors of this ballot measure to create a civilian police oversight commission.  http://www.yesonll.com/faq  Endorsed by Barbara Lee, Libby Schaaf, SF Chronicle, and more. 

C1 – YES – AC Transit parcel tax extension – Does not raise additional taxes, merely extends an existing tax to fund operating expenses so services will be maintained.

RR – YES – BART Infrastructure improvement and reliability bond – www.yesforbart.com



Los Angeles County Measures

 A – YES – Parks, Open Spaces, Water Conservation - Passed!

CC – YES – L.A. Community College District bond - Passed!



 ****Click here for my voting recommendations on candidate races.



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