Dan's Election Recommendations\Results--November 2014

Here are my Voting Recommendations for the November 4, 2014 election ballot:


Governor:  Jerry Brown - Yep!  - WON

Lt. Gov:  Gavin Newsom - Worthy of re-election. He'll probably run for U.S. Senate in two or four years should one of our incumbents decide to retire. - WON

Sec. of State:  Alex Padilla - State Senator who will do a fine job as our Sec. of State. - WON

State Controller:  BETTY YEE  http://bettyyee.com/ - Very well-qualified to be an awesome State Controller. Strong progressive values. - WON

State Treasurer:  John Chiang - He's been a very good Controller; very smart and knowledgeable on finance matters. - WON

Attorney General:  Kamala Harris - One of the best Attorneys General in the country. Smart, and smart on crime. - WON

Insurance Commissioner:  Dave Jones - Strong Consumer Advocate! - WON

St. Board of Equalization (seat #2):  Fiona Ma - CPA who is well-qualified for this office. - WON

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tom Torlakson - Passionate advocate for public education. - WON


CA State Assembly: 

 15th A.D. – Elizabeth Echols – Two excellent candidates who would serve the East Bay well in Sacramento. Elizabeth stands out for me because of her executive branch government background (it's vitally important for state legislators to understand the central role of executive branch agencies and to have experience working closely with them on policy matters) and her strong endorsements from leading environmental organizations.  She has extensive experience on energy efficiency and green building issues and is supported by many clean tech leaders.  She is also endorsed by State Senator Loni Hancock and Assemblymember Nancy Skinner, as well as the National Women's Political Caucus. - Lost    CONGRATS TO TONY THURMOND

 16th A.D. - Tim Sbranti - Former school teacher and current city councilmember in Dublin. He'll be great in the State Legislature. - Lost

 18th A.D. - Rob Bonta - Excellent first-term incumbent. Deserves re-election. - WON

  9th A.D. - Darrell Fong - Better of the two remaining candidates. - Lost


CA State Senate:

  2nd S.D. - Mike McGuire - Mike, a Sonoma County Supervisor, will make an excellent State Senator. - WON

  6th S.D. - Roger Dickinson - Roger is the more liberal and more reliable of the two Democratic candidates. - Lost



Mayor of Oakland

JEAN QUAN – rank #1 Endorsement - Lost

   [ I am endorsing Jean Quan for Mayor because her policies and hard work are getting some positive results and I want to see certain trends in our city continue.

    Jean championed the Ceasefire violence-reduction strategy that is helping reduce our violent crime rates. She's steadily pushed for more funding to grow our police force while staying engaged in our OPD reform efforts, increasing the number of officers while working to improve our constitutional policing practices, and helping OPD attain its best progress to date under the federal consent decree. She has taken the lead in supporting increased funding for police academies as well as continued support for effective violence prevention programs. 

    She's fought to create opportunity for our residents. She successfully fundraised for a record number of jobs in the Mayor's Summer Jobs Program for Oakland youth while at the same time supporting local businesses and major projects to provide good-paying jobs to our adult residents. And she has been an ally and steadfast advocate for affordable housing and equitable development.

    In her first year in office, she worked with our public employee unions to negotiate valuable concessions that carried Oakland through the impact of the great recession with our credit ratings intact. That meant making challenging decisions that preserved our ability to spend public resources efficiently to get the most public service for our limited dollars.

    And she's committed to making Oakland one of the greenest cities in the country, a value I know resonates with our residents.

    I have seen first-hand that Jean works very hard behind the scenes and shares my deep commitment to making Oakland a better place for all our residents. She knows the city's bureaucracy and budget better than any other candidate. Please join me in voting Jean Quan as your first choice. ]



 Rebecca Kaplan – rank #2 recommendation - Lost

 Libby Schaaf – rank #3 recommendation - WON - Congrats to Mayor-elect Schaaf!!


Oakland City Council:

District #2 – Abel Guillen – Best D-2 candidate in a field of good people. Abel, an elected Peralta Community Colleges Trustee, has strong financial management experience coupled with practical, progressive values. Endorsed by Alameda County Democratic Party and State Senator Loni Hancock, as well as the League of Conservation Voters of the East Bay and outgoing D-2 Councilmember Pat Kernighan.  http://www.abelforoakland.com/ - WON

District #4 – ANNIE CAMPBELL WASHINGTON – Currently a school boardmember, Annie is the only D-4 candidate with a top-notch combination of experience, smarts, integrity and temperament to be an effective Councilmember. Her chief opponent is very conservative and opposes the public safety measure to fund police officers and violence prevention programs. Anne's endorsements include Assemblymembers Rob Bonta and Nancy Skinner, National Women's Political Caucus, Sierra Club and League of Conservation Voters of the East Bay to name just a few. Please spread the word to your friends who live in district four. This is a very important city council race.   http://www.annieforoakland.com/ - WON

District #6 – no recommendation - Congrats to Desley Brooks on her re-election!


Oakland City Auditor – Brenda Roberts - WON

Oakland School Board:

            District #2 – pending  -  Congrats to Aimee Eng.

            District #4 – Nina Senn (#1)-WON  and  Karl Debro (#2)

            District #6  pending  -  Congrats to Shanthi Gonzales.


Peralta Community Colleges Board of Trustees:

            Area #5 – William Riley - WON

            Area #7 – Julina Bonilla - WON

Alameda County Superintendent of Schools No Recommendation

            - Congrats to Karen Monroe on her election!


AC Transit Board of Directors:

            Ward #3 – Elsa Ortiz - WON

            At-large – No recommendation!


BART Board of Directors:

            District #4 – ROBERT RABURN - Long-time transit and environmental advocate. Mr. Raburn, a first-term BART director, is supremely qualified for this position. He works hard, has been out talking with riders at BART stations prior to and throughout his term, and knows the issues well. He is also bilingual Spanish. Check out his background and experience here. 
 -  WON

            Public transit and environmental advocates have been working for decades to get a pro-environment majority on the BART Board with elected directors who have demonstrated a strong commitment to improved transit services, increased bicycle access, active support for transit-oriented development, and more. Now is not the time to backtrack on that. Robert has been endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters of the East Bay and the Sierra Club, as well as the East Bay Express.  To Volunteer on Robert’s campaign, click here.  

            District #8 – Nick Josefowitz - Public transit and clean energy advocate; endorsed by the Sierra Club. Nick would replace a 24-year Republican incumbent. - WON


East Bay MUD Board:

            Ward #3 – MARGUERITE YOUNG http://www.young4ebmud.org/ - Ms. Young, a past State Director of Clean Water Action, is an ideal candidate to become an EBMUD Board member. In fact, she is probably the most qualified candidate to run for an EBMUD seat in decades. While she was the California Director of Clean Water Action, Marguerite brought California the nation’s strongest arsenic standard, created programs to protect water sources, demanded and won community right-to-know requirements for drinking water, instigated regional and state cooperation on Bay-Delta water quality, and much more. - WON

            Here is more info on why she is running. Marguerite is endorsed by the Sierra Club and League of Conservation Voters of the East Bay, as well as the Alameda County Democratic Party.  To help spread the word about Marguerite’s candidacy, click here

            Ward #4 – Andy Katz - Strong environmental leader worthy of re-election. - WON


U.S. Congress:

                  #07 – Ami Bera - [results pending]

                  #09 – Jerry McNerney - WON

                  #10 – Michael Eggman - Lost

                  #11 – Mark DeSaulnier - WON

                  #13 – Barbara Lee - WON

                  #17 – Mike Honda - WON

                  #52 – Scott Peters - San Diego area voters: Please support Scott Peters for re-election. - WON


CA Supreme Court 

           Goodwin Liu - YES - WON

           Mariano-Florentino Cuellar - YES - WON


Berkeley City Council:

            #4 - Jesse Arreguin - WON

            #7 - Kriss Worthington - WON

 Berkeley City Auditor: Ann-Marie Hogan - WON


Emery Unified School Board:

            John Affeldt - WON


San Francisco Community College Board of Trustees:

            John Rizzo - WON


Orinda City Council:

            Amy Worth - WON 


San Jose Mayor:  Sam Liccardo - WON


Richmond Mayor:  Tom Butt - The clear choice. His opponent is strongly supported by Chevron. - WON

          Do not vote for any of the Chevron-backed candidates.


Los Angeles County Supervisor

            #3 - Sheila Kuehl - WON


*Pending = Remaining endorsements may be made in early October. Dan will not necessarily make an endorsement in all of these races.  

See http://www.dankalb.net/nov_2014_state_proposition_and_local_ballot_measure_recommendations for Dan's voting recommendations on STATE PROPOSITIONs and LOCAL BALLOT MEASUREs 















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