Dan Kalb, a graduate of U.C. Berkeley, has spent the past 30 years advocating for progressive policies and public interest causes. From 2009-11, he was a leader in passing landmark legislation that requires at least one-third of the state’s electricity to come from clean, renewable sources. Kalb has analyzed problems, vetted solutions, written legislation, and built successful coalitions to solve problems and get things done. Dan also has a masters degree in Public Administration & Nonprofit Management from the University of San Francisco.

Environmental Stewardship and Growing the Clean Tech Economy

As a former Chapter Director of the Sierra Club, Dan developed grassroots campaign to promote clean energy solutions, fight for environmental justice, and protect parks and open spaces. Dan will take a lead role in making Oakland a nationally-recognized regional hub for the clean tech sector. By making growing Oakland’s clean tech economy a top priority at City Hall, we can bring more good, green jobs for Oakland residents while protecting our environment for generations to come. Dan will also be a leader in implementing our city's landmark Energy and Climate Action Plan, and will work to protect and enhance our urban parks and open spaces. For more information on my Clean Tech Plan, please click here.


Read about Councilmember Kalb's work on the following issues on his City Council website:

Restoring Trust in City Hall

As a Field Director at California Common Cause, Dan successfully advocated for open government and strong campaign reform laws. Dan is committed to making our local government more transparent, responsive and trustworthy. Dan has developed a multi-point plan that includes strengthening our Public Ethics Commission, improving customer service at key city departments, establishing a required "Rainy Day" fund as part of our biannual budgeting process, improving transparency at City Hall, and promoting a stronger ethic of respect and professionalism at the City Council. Dan is a long-time believer and participant in community service. He believes that government should set an example by engaging the nonprofit sector in serving the community. Read more about how I'm restoring trust in city government.


Safer Neighborhoods and Protecting the Public

Dan is making crime prevention and safe neighborhoods a topmost priority. Understanding that we need more police on the streets, Dan is committed to bringing our police force back up to over 800 sworn officers, followed by an independent evaluation to determine our ultimate police staffing needs. He also wants to hire more crime investigators because solving a crime helps to prevent a crime. The cornerstone of Dan’s multi-faceted plan to create a safer city is to make smart investments in effective programs that reduce recidivism. Most serious crimes are committed by previous offenders. We must work with the County and establish requirements that ensure every offender coming back to Oakland earns, at a minimum, a high school diploma. And we need to invest in job training and apprenticeship programs that will help put ex-offenders on a pathway to a job. After all, a good education and a decent job are the best deterrents to crime. Dan also will work to ensure that every neighborhood is served well by OPD. Find out more about how I'm making our neighborhoods safer.


Setting the Table for Our Youth

The City Council must be a better and more engaged partner with our public schools. Dan has made a commitment to our District One school board member that he will sit down with her each month to discuss the state of our youth and to ask her what more can City Hall do to help her, the school district, and our teachers do their job better to help our youth in school and stay in school. Dan served on the Youth Leadership and Community Safety Strategic Planning Task Force for the Oakland Fund for Children and Youth. We must improve conflict resolution in the schools, be serious in working together to address chronic absenteeism and grade-level literacy, and help our public schools be more successful in providing our youth a safe and nurturing environment in which to live, learn and flourish.


***To read Dan's position briefs on a range of priority issues facing Oakland and District One, click on the links at the end of the paragraphs above.

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