Nov. 2014 local Ballot Measure & State Proposition recommendations\results

State Propositions:

Prop.  1Yes – Water Quality & related Infrastructure Bond - This has its pluses and minuses. It is supported by the Audubon Society CA, Clean Water Action, CA League of Conservation Voters, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Defenders of Wildlife, and Save the Redwoods League, as well as a handful of other wildlife/habitat protection groups. And the funds raised by this bond CANNOT be used to build or facilitate the building of water transfer tunnels(or canals). It's not perfect, but I am comfortable supporting this water bond proposition. - PASSED

Prop.  2YES – Budget Stabilization ‘Rainy Day’ Account - Enhances the State's rainy day fund to ensure that we set aside some funds in good years that can be used in economically challenging years down the road. This will help ensure that vital services are not dramatically cut during future recessions.  I am advocating that we pass an analogous measure at the local level here in Oakland. - PASSED

Prop. 45YES – Health Insurance Rate Increases would require State Insurance Commissioner approval as part of newly required transparent process, similar to what already exists in most other states.  This is an important consumer protection measure that mirrors Insurance Commissioner approval requirement for proposed auto insurance rates.  Supported by California Nurses Association, CA Democratic Party, Senator Dianne Feinstein, and CA Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones.  Don't believe the misleading commercials funded by the insurance industry.  This is a no-brainer. Vote YES! Failed

Prop. 46Yes – Controversial measure that would increase the long-time, artificially low cap on medical negligence damages to account for inflation over the past four decades.  Requires drug-testing for medical doctors in certain instances.  This is a consumer protection measure to hold hospitals and doctors accountable for their negligence. Supported by Senator Barbara Boxer, Consumer Federation of CA, and Congress of CA Seniors.  On balance, I am urging a Yes vote.  -  Failed

Prop. 47YES – Criminal justice sentencing reform for certain non-violent crimes. Makes certain drug possession offences, petty theft and shoplifting under $950, and forging bad checks under $950 misdemeanors.  Allows for felony prosecution if past offenses include murder, rape, or child molestation. Allows for current criminals to apply to be re-sentenced under new rules, but allows judges to deny release if there is public safety risk.  Monies saved would be earmarked for truancy prevention, drug treatment and mental health services, as well as grants for victim services.  Supported by CA Democratic Party, California Federation of Teachers, Crime Survivors for Safety & Justice, SF District Attorney George Gascon, former Oakland Police Chief Wayne Tucker, and many more. - PASSED

Prop. 48NO – We don’t need more casinos—especially if they are not on Indian Reservation lands.  Vote No!  -  Failed! (Yeah)


Prop. 49 – removed from ballot by CA Supreme Court


Local Ballot Measures:   Local_Ballot_Measures_2014.pdf   -   ALL East Bay local ballot measures (listed below) PASSED!

Measure BBYESAlameda County Transportation Sales Tax – Funds street re-paving, bicycle and pedestrian upgrades, and transit services. A significant portion of these funds will come to Oakland to meet our varied transportation infrastructure needs. Includes comprehensive transportation expenditure plan and required oversight audits.

Measure  ZYESPublic Safety and Crime Prevention Services – Ten-year extension of existing parcel and parking taxes to fund (a) sworn police officers to focus on curbing violent crime including armed robberies and shootings, as well as engaging in community policing strategies; (b) established crime prevention services including high school graduation assistance, violence intervention, and effective anti-recidivism strategies; (c) fire department services and improvements in 911 response times.  Includes strengthened oversight commission as well as required performance audits.  Measure Z is supported by all the major mayoral candidates in Oakland.  

Measure CCYESPublic Ethics Charter reform – Charter amendment to provide our Public Ethics Commission with greater independence from City Hall, stronger enforcement authority and powers to hold public officials accountable, and sufficient staff resources to be an effective watchdog over Oakland government.  I am proud to be the author of this measure.

Measure DDYES – Redistricting Commission – Creates independent commission to re-draw lines once every ten years for local city council and school board districts. Takes process away from the city council so councilmembers won't be able to draw our own lines. 

Measure EEYES – OMERS Pension Transition – Eliminates unnecessary Oakland Municipal Employees Retirement System oversight board and uses private annuities to pay off remaining modest pension obligations. This will save the city money over time. 

Measure FFYESMinimum Wage Increase – Raises the Minimum Wage in Oakland to $12.25 next year, with periodic cost-of-living adjustments. This will pump millions of dollars into our local economy and help reduce the number of workers in Oakland who will have to collect food stamps.

Measure  NYes – OUSD Parcel Tax for Public Schools – Exclusively funds courses and education programs at public high schools for college preparation and job training for youth. Expands counseling and other support services in order to reduce the high school dropout rate. 


Other Jurisdictions:

  • Measure P – Los Angeles County – Yes – Seeks to continue funding programs for the development, acquisition, improvement, restoration, rehabilitation, and maintenance of parks, recreational, cultural and community facilities as well as open space lands within Los Angeles County.  Focus is on safer neighborhood parks, gang prevention, youth/senior recreation, and wildlife protection.  -  Failed


  • Measure H – San Francisco – Yes –  Failed
  • Measure I – San Francisco – NO –  Passed


  • Measure J - San Benito County - YES - Ban Fracking - PASSED!
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