Post-election ThankYou letter from Dan

Dear friends and supporters,   

    With the election over, I am taking this opportunity to thank the voters of District One for re-electing me to a second term on the Oakland City Council. We won with over 80% of the vote! I am honored that the people of North Oakland have supported my accomplishments over the past four years and have the confidence in me to continue our good work to serve North Oakland residents and our entire city. No doubt, we have a lot of work ahead of us. 

    I want to acknowledge the active campaign by Kevin Corbett and thank him for his genuine commitment to our city. He called me Wednesday morning to offer congratulations on my re-election and to wish me success going forward. Undoubtedly, we share a desire to make our city government work better for all residents.  

    Locally, we also saw the voters of Oakland and Alameda County show their generosity and commitment to city services and progressive reform. In particular, I am very happy that Oakland residents overwhelmingly passed Measure LL, which I authored with Councilmember Noel Gallo, to create a civilian police oversight commission. We will be working over the next several weeks and months to enact a companion ordinance and see to it that the Commission gets up and running. 

Voters also overwhelmingly passed Measures... 

   • A1—the County Affordable Housing bond;

   • JJ to add additional protections for Oakland renters;

   • KK—Oakland’s Infrastructure bond; and

   • HH to impose a modest tax on sugary sodas/drinks.


    I congratulate my colleagues on the Council and our School Board—in particular school board members Jody London and Rosie Torres—on their re-election. I also want to say that I am very much looking forward to having Nancy Skinner represent us in the State Senate, and having Attorney General Kamala Harris be our next U.S. Senator.  

    Which brings me to the presidential election. I can't help but feel the way many of you feel--disappointed and extremely concerned about the election of our country's incoming President and the nature of our nation's body politic. The rhetoric over the past year or more has been inexcusable and laced with bigotry to say the least. 

    Of course, I am committed to focusing on the needs of our city, but I also know that Oakland is not an island. I will continue to work with our legislative partners in Sacramento and Washington D.C. to advocate for funding and enact policies that will benefit Oakland. At the same time, I will do my best to stand for what's right and ensure that Oakland is an example for cities across the state and country.


    Best wishes to you and to all of us over the next four years.  I look forward to continuing my hard work for Oakland.

Thank you again for your support.    



p.s.  As you know, there have been protest marches this past week in Oakland expressing understandable concern and strong opposition to the incoming Trump presidency. While most of the demonstrators have been both forthright and peaceful in their expressions, small handfuls of outliers have acted in a childish, violent and destructive manner that achieves nothing positive, harms local residents, and distracts us all from the real threats at hand. I commend the behavior and passion of the peaceful protestors and strongly condemn those that act with violence.  


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