Pro Argument in Favor of Measure CC

Official 'pro' Ballot Argument in Favor of Oakland Measure CC 


For the first time since the Oakland Public Ethics Commission was created in 1996, we have a chance to strengthen our watchdog over Oakland government. Following months of public outreach and best practices research, and consultation with government reform experts, it is now up to you to create an Ethics Commission with teeth.

The Alameda County Grand Jury found last year that the Ethics Commission lacks sufficient resources and authority to fulfill its mission of holding government officials accountable. By contrast, Ethics Commissions in other cities are better staffed and more independent, and have greater enforcement powers.

During the past 18 years, our City Councils have provided the Commission with almost no staff. This reform measure strengthens our Ethics Commission by:

• Making it more independent from City Hall;

• Giving it stronger enforcement authority to hold public officials and lobbyists accountable;

• Giving it greater responsibilities and oversight over government ethics laws;

• Providing it with enough staff to do the job we expect it to do.

These overdue improvements will significantly enhance education and enforcement of our campaign finance, lobbyist regulation, government transparency and whistleblower protection laws. When properly funded, these programs can save government money that would be lost through corruption, cronyism, and secrecy.

Please join Common Cause, Greenlining Institute, Make Oakland Better Now, Oakland Rising, Asian Pacific Environmental Network, West Oakland Commerce Association, and many other groups supporting Measure CC.

Enough is enough! It's time to give our Ethics Commission the independence and authority it needs to be the effective government watchdog we must have.

Vote YES on measure CC.


Katherine Gavzy

League of Women Voters of Oakland


Fumi Sugihara

Former Public Ethics Commission Chairperson


Victor Ochoa

Former Public Ethics Commission Chairperson;

Past Board President, Centro Legal de la Raza


Hon. William 'Bill' Patterson

Board Member, East Bay MUD



City Councilmember

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