Promoting Public Safety and Preventing Crime

Crime prevention and keeping our neighborhoods safe are top priorities for Councilmember Kalb.

Dan Kalb experienced first-hand the problem we had in 2012-13 with armed robberies. And Dan knows that we need a well-staffed and well-trained police force to serve Oakland residents. He remains committed to bringing our police force back up to over 800 sworn officers and ensuring that we don’t fall below that number. He has shown that commitment over the past three and-a-half years by supporting funding for regular police academies to hire new officers as older ones retire or leave. Dan strongly supports community-focused policing and continues to support an increased emphasis on investigating serious crimes. 

Dan also knows that keeping Oaklanders safe requires smart investments in effective rehabilitation programs that provide education and job training to people emerging from the criminal justice system. After all, a good education and access to a decent job are the best deterrents to crime. Dan supports the CeaseFire program and other intervention efforts to reduce recidivism and violent crime.

View Dan's mailer on Crime & Public Safety.

Councilmember Kalb:

  • Secured funding for additional crime investigators at the Oakland Police Department.
  • Authored Measure LL to create a civilian Police oversight Commission.
  • Successfully worked to pass California’s smart-phone ‘kill switch’ anti-theft law to protect residents and reduce robberies.
  • Meets regularly with the North Oakland police captain to analyze crime trends. 
  • Authored the law to require safe storage of guns in homes, and consistently supports measures to get illegal guns off our streets.  
  • Continues to strongly support increased investments in violence intervention and rehabilitation programs.
  • Will push to implement regional data-sharing of gun-related crimes in the Bay Area. 
  • Strongly supports the creation of a comprehensive vegetation management plan to reduce wildfire risk. 



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